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Still Hated By Laptop

Still cannot play Sims 2 no matter what I try, and played the free 48 hours of Sims 4 and went "Eh, whatevers."

*huggles Sims 3*

Also, can play Skyrim with tons of mods and textures... But not DA3?

Art Deco Resort for Sims 3

 photo Screenshot-9.jpg

Download Link For Resort: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3xxsjit8cvv7vpt/Resort%20Llama.package

Description: 30X30 lot

Resort Llama was built for all the young couples going out in their tin lizzies to have a honeymoon. The dining room almost always has a piano player with some jazz tunes, and if they are out there is always a few records at hand.

There are two VIP suites, each has a different theme to it. One is the India and the other is Far East (or at least a 1920s art decoish version of the two). In the back are some cottages for the losers who want to pay less for staying the night.

The garden has many times to do in it. Play golf or horse shoes, or snuggle up to your sweetie in the flower garden area. Necking is now allowed and if caught you will get a stern talking to and even a fine. If the weather is bad go inside for reading, games, or swimming. You can even watch others swimming as you eat some poolside food. The pool also comes with two changing rooms (not bathrooms, no matter what they look like!) so you can change in and out of your clothing. There is even a new device called a 'hot tub' in the swimming room.

No bar is in the hotel as the law says no one is allowed to sell booze. However VIPs get a bottle of some bubblies and perhaps asking at the check in desk will get you a number of Vinnie the Bootlegger.

Main area:

 photo Screenshot-3-1.jpg  photo Screenshot-22.jpg

Swimming area:
 photo Screenshot-4-2.jpg  photo Screenshot-7.jpg

Garden Area:
 photo Screenshot-12.jpg  photo Screenshot-11.jpg

Far East inspired VIP room:
 photo Screenshot-13.jpg  photo Screenshot-14.jpg  photo Screenshot-15-1.jpg

India Inspired VIP room:
 photo Screenshot-16.jpg  photo Screenshot-20.jpg  photo Screenshot-19.jpg

Dining/dancing area:
 photo Screenshot-10.jpg

Top View (bedrooms of both suites and dancing/dining hall):
 photo Screenshot-25.jpg  photo Screenshot-27.jpg

Misfit sims

Again, no cuts. You all can just either scroll down or suffer my rabidness.

The rival bad of the heros, the Misfits. Mean, lean, and colorful in looks, personality, and clothing (hey it was the 1980s!)

 photo themisfits.jpg

Stormer: She's the 'nice' one, even though she also causes damage along with the rest of the group, I made her friendly and nurturing because she seems to be the one who is always being nice to the other girls in the band and trying to keep them together. She's childish and dramatic because in the show she manages to get bribed with ice cream and the show is like a giant soap opera, perfect for the dramatic trait! Stormer writes all the music for the Misfits as well as plays the keyboard, so she's virtuoso. Her LTW is to be a Rock Star.

 photo stormer.png

Roxy is next, a girl from the streets that dropped out of school before she could learn to read, Roxy is tough and will stick to her group always. She once won a million dollars, just to quickly lose it a couple days later, that and the fact that the Misfits always lose made me give her the unlucky trait. She's also athletic to show the toughness that she got being part of a street gang, and also rebellious. Due to her lack of education Roxy doesn't always know what is going on, so I gave her the inappropriate trait. She's also part of the band so I gave her the virtuoso trait. Her LTW is also to be a Rock Star
hair: http://ageiha.livejournal.com/42815.html
makeup: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=392310

 photo Roxy.png

Jetta was the final member of the Misfits, we saw her requited from a seedy club. She's from England and her favorite things to do are lie, steal, and destroy things. Due to those hobbies I gave her the mean spirited and kleptomaniac traits. As most people seem to be taken in by her lies I gave her the charismatic trait, and she's always in black and a rebel so I gave her the rebellious trait. Along with the rest of the band she has the virtuoso trait. Her LTW is Possession is 9/10ths the law.

Her face makeup is from the same link as Roxy's.

 photo jetta.png

And finally we have the leader of the group, Pizzazz. A spoiled rich girl whose father will buy her anything that she cries for (but doesn't ever spend time with her) and the need for the love of everyone makes her LTW Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Due to her nature I gave her the snob and diva traits. Like the rest she is also virtuoso; her goals in life are pretty ambitious and so I gave her that trait. Since she's always losing her cool and screaming or attacking people I gave her the hot headed trait.

 photo pizzazz.png

 photo Screenshot-3-3.jpg

All clothing that has a small picture on the bottom is clothing made to look close to the styles worn on the show. I got pictures of each outfit from here: http://www.pranceatron.com/jem/cartoonwardrobe.htm

Download link: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=7358965

Spider-Girl Sims

Why yes, I am doing this. Why? Because I want to. And no, no cuts :P

[b]Mary Jane: "Face it tiger. You just hit the jackpot."[/b]

 photo maryjanecomic-3.jpg

Bold, beautiful, and a woman who has beaten or shot many super villains over the course of her life (once with a lamp). Mary Jane is the mother of Spider-Girl. She is an ex-model turned business woman turned guidance counselor at the school of her daughter. She hates her little girl being out at night fighting people that want to kill her, but at the end she has May’s back on the subject more than her husband.

I made Mary Jane a combination of how she looks in the Spider-Man and how she looks in the Spider-Girl comics, hence the dark red hair as opposed to more orange and better looking clothing then she usually had on in the comics. I mean, she’s Mary Jane! No way she’s going to let motherhood steal her style (ok, and the comics started in the 90’s, STILL) I have her as an adult because no one who has teens is a young adult unless they adopted. Mary Jane is a model turned business woman in the fashion world, but she is always turning heads! Because of this I made her irresistible and charismatic. Mary Jane wouldn’t be Mary Jane without being a bit of a flirt, something fans of the comics either see as a fun trait that she uses only on her husband or think that it makes her into a ***** because she flirted with anyone before she was married, so I gave her the flighty trait. She’s always cracking jokes to make the mood light again in the older comics, so I gave her a great sense of humor. She’s a great mother in the Spider-Girl comics, always seeming to know what May needs so I gave her the nurturing trait. Her LTW is to be a Superstar Actor due to her taking up acting in the main comics.

 photo maryjanetraits.jpg

 photo maryjanesim.jpg
Hair: http://ageiha.livejournal.com/12272.html
Lipstick: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=468083 (bubblegum)

Peter: “With great power must come great responsibility.”

 photo petercomic.jpg

Peter Parker was once Spider-Man, that is until the Green Goblin managed to blow his leg off (though the Green Goblin also managed to kill himself while doing that). After that he gave up being a superhero and got a job as a CSI in the police force. He has been known to get back into his old spider suit, but only when he thinks his daughter is in extreme danger. Peter hates May being Spider-Girl, and though he’s stopped forbidding her from doing the job he still wishes she would be just a normal teenager for a while.

I based Peter off of his Spider-Girl comic self, though since that is more or less old school Peter with a beard there wasn’t much of a change in looks. There is always the joke among fans of both comics about the ‘Parker Luck” and so the first thing I did was make Peter unlucky. He is also known for running his mouth while in battle, so I gave him a good sense of humor, and since he’s always reflecting back on the past and beating himself up for it (his uncle and old girlfriend’s death is always on Peter’s mind) I gave also made him brooding. Puny Parker has always been smart, he made his own web shooters and the liquid to make the webs! Because of this I gave him the genius trait. And since he’s one of the best known superheroes in comics I gave him the good trait. Since Peter’s job in the Spider-Girl comics is being part of the CSI, I gave him the LTW of Dynamic DNA Profiler.

 photo Petersim.jpg

 photo petertraits.jpg

[b]May: “Do you see this spider on my suit? It's not just for show."[/b]

 photo maycomic.jpg

May is the child of Mary Jane and Peter Parker. In the Spider-Man comics she was kidnapped and killed, or perhaps miscarried. No one really knows for sure because it was during the clone saga, a period in time in the comics in which the bosses kept making the writers change the storylines. In the Spider-Girl comics May was kidnapped but saved and she grew into a smart and outgoing teenager whose powers manifested themselves at age fifteen at a basketball game. She has the best of both parents, though her upbringing has also made her naïve about things, she’s always trying to help people.

I based May’s looks off of when she had shorter hair for two reasons; I liked how she looked and I wanted her to have a different look then April and Mary Jane. She’s also never really been into fashion, so I made her not have makeup. May is both a bookworm and a jock, so I gave her the athletic and bookworm traits. She’s always trying to help people, from people being mugged to a girl at May’s school who was being abused by her boyfriend, and so I gave May the good trait. She also is a teenage girl, and will be really happy about being a hero or really down on herself for messing up so I made her over-emotional.

 photo Maysim.jpg

 photo maytraits.jpg

[b]April: “You’re all going to be sorry when it turns out I’m the original.”[/b]

 photo Aprilcomic.jpg

April Parker is maybe the clone of May, maybe the original May. Either way the poor girl was placed into a test tube and had her DNA mixed with venom to make her into a hybrid. At around age 16 April escaped and tried to take over May’s life as she had been brainwashed into thinking that there could only be one. Luckily May managed to convince April that they could be sisters, though April gave herself a new look (with her shape shifting powers) and showed up at school claiming to be May’s cousin April (before they were just calling her ‘the other May’)
April has the childish trait due to her having grown up in a test tube and not knowing how to act like and adult, in the comics she gets bored easily and is always wanting to have fun. She’s rebellious and hotheaded in the comics, so I gave her those traits as a sim. I also gave her the party animal trait because I have a feeling that it would fit into her style (she was only around for a little while until the comics got canceled, so I had to just choose something).

 photo Aprilsim.jpg

 photo apriltraits.jpg

[b]Benji: “Goo?”[/b]

 photo Untitledbenjicomic.jpg

Mary Jane had Benji just before May turned 16, because of that he’s a toddler in the comics. He started showing signs of his powers emerging until one day he managed to save his mother by catching them both on webs that he made himself to save them from falling.

Sadly Benji doesn’t have a lot of personality in the comics other than being a happy toddler. I gave him the friendly and heavy sleeper traits because he seems to like most people and sleeps a lot as a baby.

 photo benjisim.jpg

 photo benjitraits.jpg

[b]Reilly: “Go home little girl. It’s too dangerous for you here.”[/b]

 photo reillycomic.jpg

Reilly Tyne is the son of Ben Reilly, of one of Peter Parker’s clones. His mother had killed off her father because he had abused her for a long time, and after she had been on the run for a while she turned herself in was sent to jail where she had Reilly. His father was killed by the Green Goblin before he even was able to find out that he had a son. Reilly was sent to live with his aunt and uncle, where he was abused until the day that his uncle was beaten half to death and Reilly was sent into foster care. At age thirteen Reilly was living on the streets and getting sick all the time. Kaine found his nephew and was trying to heal him. Sadly this ended up with Reilly being possessed with a demon and the soul of Matt Murdock aka Daredevil (it’s…. a long story) Reilly now looks like he’s in his twenties (even though he’s somewhere between 14-16) and is a lawyer intern during the day and a crime fighter called Darkdevil at night. He and Kaine have a complicated relationship (you know, with the whole accidently getting Reilly possessed plus keeping Reilly safe as a kid but not really raising him thing), and while no one else knows about his family history Reilly makes sure to stalk and mentor May on her crime fighting.

Reilly is the brooding superhero anti-hero type so I gave him that trait. Due to his life and the fact that he’s never really been close to anyone and grew up so fast, I have him the socially awkward trait. He’s out every night saving people so I gave him the brave trait. He also has the disciplined and perfectionist traits due to his ability to keep himself from letting the demon take over, and his inability to allow himself to be anything but the best (he’s probably as bad as Peter and May about beating himself up over things that he’s done ‘wrong’) I also forgot to get a picture of him in his outerwear, oops. He’s set as Peter’s brother because the game doesn’t allow me to set adults as anything else but fathers or uncles to teens. His LTW is to be a Firefighter because I figure that’s close to the whole superhero thing and there is no lawyer job.

 photo reillysim.jpg

 photo reillytraits.jpg

[b]Kaine: “I was all your father said. And worse.”[/b]

 photo kainecomic.jpg

Kaine Parker is the ‘evil’ clone of Peter Parker whose body is breaking down and rapidly aging due to his being a ‘incomplete’ clone (it’s comic books from the 1990’s, you can’t think too hard on things or your brain will explode). In the Spider-Man comics he killed several villains and stalked Ben Parker to make his life living hell because he thought Ben was the original and Kaine wanted to protect Peter. He ended up getting arrested so that Ben and Peter’s being Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider wouldn’t be found out and was in jail for a long time until recently when he has come back into the comics.

In the Spider-Girl comics Kaine got out of jail and became a mercenary. He saved May from her kidnappers and gave her back to her parents, watched over Ben’s kid, and is overly protective of both. He has become part of a government sponsored program to reform super villains and is the head of the group of reformers, though he has been known to beat up people to the point of them needing to go into the ER if that person hurt his family. He’s also gotten pretty sarcastic and snarky, leading many to wish that there had been a comic of him and Reilly snarking and being grumpy as they fight crime together.

I based Kaine off of his Spider-Girl look, mostly because it’s the same look as his Spider-Man self (at least until the recent comics) but with a grey hair and looking less like a hobo. Since he’s a clone of Peter I also gave Kaine the genius and brooding traits (brooding might as well be the family trait). And since he fits the grumpy overprotective uncle thing I gave him the grumpy trait. Since he’s been a mercenary for most of his life I gave him the light sleeper trait and the athletic trait since he’s had to keep on his toes and stay in shape. His LTW is to be an International Superspy. I set him as Reilly and Peter’s father due to his age and the fact that there is no “sorta half-brother due to his father being your father’s clone.” (It’s a lot less complicated in the Spider-Girl comics as it’s being told then me trying to tell you.)

 photo kainesim.jpg

 photo kainetraits.jpg

Download link: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=7399406




RIGHT HERE: http://www.gog.com/promo/hasbro_stacking_weekend_promo_050413


Windows 8

Does anyone know how to fully uninstall something from Windows 8? I was installing my Sims 2 game, but one didn't install right and now I can't play the games because of not being able to uninstall them.
So anyone reading this, interested in sims, and hasn't seen my dreamwith page. I have started... and ENDED a legacy on it.


How sad is that?

Baldur's Gate 30 Day Challenge: Day 5

5.Favorite NPC Companion(s)

First BG game: Xzar and Shar-Teel.

BG:EE: Dorn

BG2: Jan

In all the games: Edwin

It’s kind of funny how the evil NPCs in your game are the most interesting. I must really be a secret neutral person because almost all the good people bug the hell out of me. Maybe it’s because I’ll be off trying to save some kid from an army of dragons only to have them bitch about the way I did it. Or when my rep gets low they attempt to guilt trip me “Your father wouldn’t want this!” YEAH WELL GUESS WHAT GORION TOLD ME NOT TO BE RACIST AND SO STFU!!

Baldur's Gate 30 Day Challenge: Day 4

4.Describe your Ideal Party

My ideal party would be much, much larger than the amount allowed. But if I HAVE to use the six party system it’d be
BG1 (non EE): Shar-Teel, Xzar, Alora, Montaron, and Viconia, with Edwin tagging along (I couldn’t choose, alright?) I have a feeling that a regular day goes something like this:

Edwin and Xzar fight over who gets the spleens and livers of the monsters we just killed. Montaron suggests that he could kill one of them to get more body parts. Shar-Teel and Viconia bond over how much men suck. Alora and CHARNAME are off sneaking into people’s houses and taking everything not nailed down.

And at night Alora and CHARNAME attempt to get everyone to sing songs.

BG2: Edwin, Jan, Viconia, Sarevok, and Korgan. I always feel bad using Imoen in this game because she was just horribly tortured for months, let’s let the poor girl have a vacation somewhere! This one is a LOT harder because I love the NPCs of BG2 a lot more. I also have the Edwin romance mod so this team goes more:

Edwin: *says or does something stupid to get CHARNAME to think he’s awesome*

Jan: *tells story to help Edwin make a fool of himself more*

CHARNAME: *rushes into a battle against a dragon with only a sling or short sword*

Viconia: *wonders why the in the hells she keeps getting herself into these things*

Sarevok: *wonders if it’s too late to go back to being dead*

Korgan: *gleefully thinks of all that treasure*

Baldur's Gate 30 Day Challenge: Day 3

3.Least Favorite BG1 Class/Kit

Least Favorite to play: Monks. No weapons, no armor, and until you’ve gotten them high leveled enough they can’t really defend themselves.

Just annoys me + is useless: Ok, I am a nerdy geek (or a geeky nerd). I love anime and manga, I debate comic books with people. I’m doing a 30 day challenge about a game I played in middle school.

And I am fucking sick and tired of placing the samurai into almost EVERY. SINGLE. RPG. I’VE. PLAYED.

Oooh they might not have the same name. But they are there. And it’s fucking annoying to have a ‘LOOK ASAIN!” option when your background is that you grew up in a monastery. The Skald bard class I can understand because I could see a bard having come into Candlekeep and helping you. The Clerics need a god to worship, and I doubt that Candlekeep forced you to worship theirs (though I hate the only three options on it, THERE ARE A LOT OF GODS, GIVE ME MORE!). But at what point did someone from Kara-Tur show up? There’s not a lot on travel between the two! And I highly doubt it’s something you just learn in a book. Tomoko’s the only one you meet in the first game and I highly doubt that she took the time to teach you anything.

So not only are the Kensai the tots coolz Asian class, they are also worthless unless you duel class them. No armor, no bracers. Might as well just pick your Kensai up and throw them into a meat grinder for all the good they’re going to end up doing in battle. But people still use them because they’re coolz.